As Meram Çıtır Simit, we started to work for the first time in 2003 in the branch located in Konya Zafer region. As a result of opening new branches, production area started to become insufficient and we moved to factory having 2000 m² of area in 2013 and continued to produce in here. Our company which developed rapidly in this process, broke new ground in Konya instead of daily production with growth and started to produce frozen dough in 2014. 80% of our production is performed by using machine system and current capacity of our factory is 60.000 per day.

Our factory has halal certificate, Iso 9001, Iso 22000 and a trademark registration certificate. In addition, all raw materials we use in production have halal certificate. One of the most critical points of our production is protection and continuity of the cold chain. Products quick-frozen at -40 degrees to protect cold chain are taken in cold shipment storage which is -40 degrees and shipped. Products are shipped with frigo vehicles which are -18 degrees. In our branches, products are stored in cold storages at -18 degrees.

We produce
60.000 Turkish bagels
in a day.

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