In our company, we work with qualified individuals who enjoy their responsibilities, are open to change and embrace our values.
We create opportunities for our employees to benefit from their potential and we invest in them constantly.
By pioneering open communication, we create happy and faithful human resource that creates added value.
We train our leaders who will be mentors for our goals and continuity of our future and manage change, within the company.
We create a fair and objective professional business environment that supports existence of personal differences and believes in being us.

It is expected that our current and future employees are qualified to adapt to company culture and open to continuous development, learning and renewing themselves.

Meram Çıtır Simit; aims at a dynamic human resources structure that has common values, believes in teamwork, is always honest and transparent while carrying out its duties and responsibilities with customer oriented behaviors, develops itself continuously, is innovative, produces creative ideas, is sensitive to the environment and society while performing all of these.

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